St. Anthony’s is grateful to receive your donation in support of any of the efforts below. If you’d like to make a donation for something not shown here, such as the Joan Allen Memorial Scholarship, Community Outreach, Women’s Guild, Church School, Teens, Seminarians, Archdiocese, please send us an email at

Memorial Gift for a departed loved one

A donation in memory of someone who has passed away.

Offer the Gifts for the Divine Liturgy

A donation to offer the gifts for the Divine Liturgy. This will include listing names of the living and the departed, which will be read at the liturgy to which you are donating.

Fr. Joseph Allen Memorial Fund

Father Joseph Allen (see biography) devoted 53 years to St. Anthony's church and Orthodox education. The mission of the Fr. Joseph Allen Memorial Fund is to document his ministry and the history of St. Anthony's, the second Pan-Orthodox church in the North America. (Our church history). Your donation will support the creation of a living memorial to education and programs that reflects and honors Fr. Joseph’s wisdom, intellect, wit, humor and Christ-like humility and our unique parish where all are welcome.

Joan Allen Memorial Scholarship

Joan Allen Memorial Scholarship

The Joan Allen Memorial Scholarship commemorates our beloved Joan Allen (1943-1989). Joan was the loving wife of the late Fr. Joseph Allen, a devoted mother, dedicated elementary school teacher, talented musician and a choreographer with a gift of performance. Her life was the embodiment of everything that was right with the world: harmony and peace, ambition with compassion, creativity that also honored tradition, and love, especially for children. The scholarship fund was established in 1990. It provides financial support for applicants who desire to pursue academic or vocational studies after graduating high school. The scholarship may be used for an accredited academic, technical or vocational institution that offers either a two or four year curriculum.

The scholarship is awarded to high school students whose families are in “good standing” with St. Anthony parish, i.e. they take part in the sacramental life of the church and also meet its financial obligations (with or without pastoral discretion). In the event a family transfers to and becomes a member of St. Anthony Orthodox Church, the applicant must have been a member “in good standing” of a canonical Orthodox parish for no less than 3 years and a member of St. Anthony Orthodox Church for no less than a year.
Applicants must complete the form (below) and provide a notarized high school transcript. In making its selection, the scholarship committee will consider the applicant's participation in the liturgical and social life of the parish, contributions to parish life, participation in civic activities and community service, scholastic achievement, involvement in extracurricular activities, and financial need. CONTRIBUTE to the JOAN ALLEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Contributions to the fund will allow the scholarship committee to continue to help St. Anthony's students with their post secondary education expenses. As higher education costs rise and the benefit of continued education remains clear/unequivocal, we appreciate your support for the education of young people. This matches the love, and nurturing, expressed by Joan Allen.

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