St. Anthony’s Orthodox Church Fellowship is an organization that is responsible for sponsoring or lending support for various types of events that are social/philanthropic and often are centered around liturgical or festal celebrations during the year.

The celebrations we help organize are an important part of the fabric of St. Anthony’s as they center around annual events such as our Patronal Feast Day, pre-Lenten celebrations or the visit by one of our hierarchs. We also sponsor an annual Golf Outing for the benefit of our parish and other charities and co-sponsor an annual Wine Tasting with sister parishes in the area that supports IOCC, International Orthodox Christian Charities.

Interested in what we do? Contact us at stanthonyweb@gmail.com

President: Stratos J Mandalakis

Vice President: Ghiath Abdallah

Secretary: John Banu

Treasurer: John Meyer

Our events include but are not limited to:

St. Anthony’s Day Luncheon

St. Anthony’s Annual Golf Outing

St. Anthony’s Annual Church Picnic

Annual Wine Tasting to support the IOCC

St. Anthony’s Annual Carnival

St. Anthony’s Annual Communion Breakfast