Fr Joe Celebration

December 22 2019

Fr Joe Celebration

December 21 2019

Elevation of the Cross

St. Anthony’s at a Glance

Bless the Waters

Festival 2015

Mount Athos Trip

Bishop Nicholas and Seminarian Brandon go to Mount Athos

Palm Sunday 2016

Lazarus Saturday 2016

Festival 2016

Myrrh Streaming Icon

Young at Heart

Angie’s Iconography Presentation

Flower Demonstration 10-6-2016

Betty Gakos Demonstrates Health and First Aid Procedures

Church School

Awards Sunday 2015

Jubilee 2016

January, St Anthony’s Day

February, Town Hall Discussion

March, Family Fun Night

April, Concert Pictures

May, Who Done It

June, Banquet

June, Liturgy

June, Luncheon