Young at Heart

Who are we are:
St. Anthony’s “Young At Heart” Club was formed in 2013 to provide our senior citizens, and seniors from surrounding parishes, who are age 55 and older, a variety of spiritual, cultural, social and intellectual experiences, while interacting within our Orthodox Christian environment.

Organization Structure:
Co-chairs: Peter Dacales, Ray Takla

Speakers: Each month we have a special activity. We’ve had guest speakers, who are specialists in their fields; discuss legal matters, care of the elderly, chair yoga, financial matters, and various other subjects of interest to our members.
Entertainment: We’ve invited entertainers, such as dancers and singers to give live performances, and we always provide refreshments after each meeting.
volunteering: We sponsor at least one coffee hour each year. We also lend support to, and provide manpower and experience to our yearly festival.

Field Trips:
We go on Day Trips throughout the year. We travel by bus to various recreations, historical and local entertainment sites

One winter, we had lunch at Carmine’s in New York. We later toured the city, all decked out for Christmas, and stopped by Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree
We went to the Stony Hill Inn, and enjoyed “An Afternoon with Sinatra”
We had lunch at the Breakers Hotel, and then took a tour of Spring Lake
This past Christmas, we enjoyed an afternoon at the Hunterdon County Playhouse, where we saw a Christmas Show followed by lunch
Most recently, we went to West Point, where we had lunch at the Thayer Hotel, and toured the campus

When do we meet?
Young At Heart meets on the first Thursday of each month of the year (except for July and August}. We are flexible and do not conflict with other church functions. We meet in the fellowship hall at 1:00 p.m.

Our most important function is to keep in touch with all senior citizens at St. Anthony’s and to in let them know that no one is forgotten during illness or disability.

If our Young at Heart club, sounds like an organization you would like to join, or you’re with another parish without a senior club, reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.